Binky Leashes


Because gravity always wins and floors are never clean enough.

Who knows what’s been on the restaurant floor where your baby’s pacifier just landed?
Keep that thing clean and within baby’s reach. The Small Potatoes Binky Leash is the perfect solution...
• Durable metal mini clip cannot be opened by little fingers.
• Can be used with almost any style of pacifier.
• Can easily be attached to the car seat, stroller straps or baby’s clothing.
• Can also be used to tether toys or blankies.
• Stylish design will make your baby the envy of all the other hip babies at the playgroup.

IMPORTANT: This product contains small parts. Please always keep your baby safe by inspecting the integrity of the clip and ribbon prior to use. Keep clip clean and dry to avoid rust or stains. Never ever leave your baby unattended with this product.

Ribbon: 3/8" premium double sided grosgrain
Size: 7.5" long (plus clip)

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