Small Potatoes absolutely LOVES to see little tots (and parents!) enjoying our products. Wed love you to share your photos with us to show off your stuff.*

Please email your photos and child's first name (if youd like).

Note: Some fabrics shown in the gallery are no longer available.

Maeve in her Flutterby bonnet



(...and matching dress!)

Miya in teatime vanilla blooms wrap dress







myla in a sling

paige in dress



taya and her monkey with monkey 'n' round lap blankie








danica in garden posey dress

CATE IN dress



CATE IN dress and hat


talia IN dress

rye in hat and binky leash



cole in bib (and breakfast)

"twincesses" in their coordinating loulou hats



maisy in dress

Maisy in hat and dress



RUBY and Josiah (4 months)
in sling


RUBY and Josiah (7 months)
in sling

KIRA in dress



oliver in HAT

Jake in hat



lalaney wearing hat (and popsicle)

Beck (1 month) in sling



Beck (2 months) in cowboy pants and tshirt


Beck (3 months) with Blankie and binky leash

Julie with Griffin in sling



Maisy in her 1st-birthday dress


SAge in tatsu pants and tshirt

stellan drooling on his favourite bib



JOsiah in his sock monkey outfit on christmas morning


Skylar in dress and binky leash

chris with maisy in sling



bria in her easter dress

sisters lalaney and kalila in matching aviary pink dresses



sadie in sling with dad, Tyson

harriet in Her Little cupcakes



sadie wearing HER barrettes



* Photos will only be used for display purposes on this website. Small Potatoes will not use the images for any other means or promotion without direct consent from the child's parents/guardian.