Welcome to the New Home of Small Potatoes!

It was a long, cold winter in Winnipeg. A record-breaking cold winter, in fact. Did I mention cold?

Unfortunately, I'm not one to get out and embrace the cold and look for ways to layer up and engage with the snow. I'm more of a hunker-down under 20 cozy blankies with a hot cuppa and a good movie. 

All those indoor days have given me the opportunity to think about freshening up the website for spring. Small Potatoes now has a brand-spanking new system that will be much easier to navigate, easier to view products and an incredible shopping cart system that is so easy to use that you can shop while bouncing a newborn to sleep on your lap. :)

I'm adding new photos of products all the time so please bear with me as I make updates.

Hope you like it! I look forward to your feedback.