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Just wanted to say thank you so much for getting the hats ready for Friday! The kids opened them last night and totally loved them!!! They are super, super cute!!! I will definitely refer you to all my friends and family with kids!!!
– Bronwyn

Love your store and your products!!! We are huge fans!! Our second baby was just born and I think we received a bonnet from a friend made by you. It's beautiful!!!
– Lesley

Love your product!!! Best soother leashes around :)
– Darcelle

I have been meaning to send along a thank you with a photo of the kids in their new hats. Thanks for dropping them off and for the shipping refund. Very considerate of you. Sophie keeps her little hat on most of the time (and doesn't seem to have an opinion on style issues yet - she's 1) and William LOVES his new hat. He wears it all the time and it should fit him next summer too! He's been wearing a hand-me-down cowboy pattern one that Krista gave to us and it's been too small for a while. His little head is probably happy to have a bigger size!
– Denise

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your products.  I have a number of your items such as a drinky leash, binky leash, and barrettes. Thanks!
– Mandy

Just wanted to send you an email and let you know that I love love love the dress I bought from you. Seriously so cute and my daughter, Miya, gets so many compliments when she wears it, which she's been doing...a lot!
– Keiko

I picked up my order yesterday, and I love them all. My favorite has to be the blanket and the wonderfully soft fabric you used on the back side of the printed fabric. They will be wonderful gifts to the many friends I have that are expecting. I will be ordering again from you, for sure! Thanks again!
– Stacy

Just looking around on your small potatoes site and I'm in love with everything!  You have such talent! As much as I would love to buy everything I am just going to order one binky leash - sst048 and a diaper clutch in the teatime vanilla. I was going to get the nursing cover but she already has one :(  We are no where near to having babies but I can't wait to buy for myself eventually! Awesome fabric choices!
– Kate

I just wanted to let you know that your stuff was a hit with everyone who saw it! My friend from Yellowknife really liked the bib and leash, and I was telling her about your company. Later on, she was feeding her son, and she pulled out a black cape with big white dots. I was surprised, as it looked like one of your patterns. Sure enough, the label was Small Potatoes! My friend had gotten the cape second hand from someone in Yellowknife. She just couldn't believe it was made by someone I knew in Wpg, and we both thought that was pretty neat.
My other friend loved the patterns that I chose for her baby girl, and a lot of the women at the baby shower were admiring your creations. The business cards came in handy!
– Janet 

I bought a couple Drinky Leashes for my sister-in-law 2.5 years ago and she just LOVED them! She used them for cups but also for toys!  One required a bit of mending after lots of use, but it's good as new and both are still going strong which is good because they just had another one so they'll be back in action.  Wonderful product :)
– Karen

I have been using this item [Drinky Leash] for about a week now and love it. I get comments and compliments on it everywhere I go. Thanks!
– Shelly

Super cute and so functional! I have a Drinky Leash hooked on my cart cover and one on my stroller! :) I even bought 2 for my best friend's little boy! :)
– Frills 'n' Tails

The Drinky Leash is great my daughter didnt know what to think when she knocked her cup off the highchair and looked down and saw it hanging.
– cj073105

Thanks so much - Gracie insisted on going to bed with her new blanket tonight!
– Tammy

The only thing I want for my baby shower is Small Potatoes stuff!
– Ruby

We got our order of binky leashes and diaper clutch the other day, I LOVE the new diaper clutch, it is very convenient. I love the pattern that I just may have to order a dress in that pattern! My daughter loves her gumdrop soother and your binky leashes are perfect, light enough that it doesn't drag the soother and her to the to the floor! Thanks again, you have made another satisfied customer who will pass on your site to her friends!
– Rima

Your nursing cover arrived this morning. Thank you so much - it is just lovely and I am sure my daughter will find it is just what she was looking for!
– Barb

Thank you so much! My sister in-law loved the nursing cover and is going to order one for her friend. I love your product and will recommend it to anyone I know who might need one!
– Christina

I have two baby shower gifts to get, pronto! Whenever my husband or I have friends who have babies, we go to your site first. One of the women we gave a dress of yours to, was so thrilled with it that her daughter was wearing the dress a couple of months before she actually fit into it. This mom is pretty particular so it was a bit of a feather in our cap that we got something she liked that much!
– Deanne

I just had my second son, three weeks ago, and a friend lent me her nursing cover and I must say I LOVE IT!!!! I hated the idea of nursing covers the first time around, if I tried to use a blanket, he hated it, I couldn't see him, we had problems with the latch, and he kept swatting at the blanket. Now, I have this WONDERFUL invention, I can maintain eye contact with my baby, seeing how he's doing without having to play "peek a boo," and stay part of the conversation (without having to leave the room for privacy). THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I might just buy one for myself, but I will definitely tell all my (mommy) friends about this product!!!!
– Shannon

A friend gave my wife a Binky Leash for a baby gift at a shower. My wife had been eyeballing this friend's Binky Leash (the friend has a 9-month-old) and asked where she got it. The friend's sister lives in Winnipeg. My wife proceeded to buy a few for everyone she knows that has has babies, is going to have babies, or is thinking about having babies. Testimony to your product.
– Alex

Love the new fabric as shown in your May 5 email. The dress in the picture - I LOVE it and totally am going to get one for my new baby girl! I'll be in touch
– Trina

We received our order in the mail a few days ago -- the burp cloths ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! What craftsmanship!!! And the fabrics are sooo lovely and soft... totally in love with them, I am trying to find a way to display them in the nursery!! Thank you so so so much for these beautiful baby things, I will definitely be ordering more from your website!!!
– Brigitte

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