Small Potatoes was born in 2006, as a means to design some cool stuff for my own little tots. With a background as a graphic designer, I am constantly on the look-out for unique and well-designed products. When we learned that we were expecting our first baby, my husband and I noticed the limited selection of nicely designed baby gear out there.

Out of frustration, I headed to my sewing room and dedicated much of my "nesting stage" to creating unique nursery items, a custom diaper bag, baby clothing and other baby gear. I was continually asked by friends, family and strangers in public where they could get some of my unique baby items. A year later, I was selling my new line, Small Potatoes, in a local baby/maternity boutique. Then a few more stores in town, then a few stores across Canada, eventually selling to stores in the USA, Europe and Singapore. 

With a mother's eye for detail and perfection, all Small Potatoes products are handmade with the ultimate in care and craftsmanship. As self-proclaimed "fabric junkie," I shop for premium quality fabrics in the most unique patterns from some of the best textile designers around. 

I hope you enjoy peeking around at my shop. I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments.

Holly Clarke,
Owner, Small Potatoes

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada