PNP040 Barrette - Small Potatoes - 1
PNP040 Barrette - Small Potatoes - 2
PNP040 Barrette - Small Potatoes - 3

PNP040 Barrette

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A baby hair clip that actually stays in place. No, really.

All the bald babies in the play group envy your little girl's beautiful locks. Too bad her hair is always in her eyes! Small Potatoes Barrettes are the perfect solution...

  • Fashionable ribbon-covered clips to match her whole wardrobe.
  • Fuss free, easy to get into hair on a moving head.
  • Trendy mix and match styles. Buy a pair or choose two co-ordinating styles!
  • Made by hand with non-toxic glue.
  • Lined with an extra grippy (but not sticky) strip to grip her fine baby hair even better without pulling or pinching!

Recommended for children 3+. Never leave a baby unattended with clip.
Ribbon: 3/8" premium double sided grosgrain
Size: 1.75" long